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Swarovski Montreal mayor extends bar hou

Montreal mayor extends bar hours for summer trial

MONTREAL Montreal’s mayor is putting his city’s renowned nightlife to the test and taking a shot at rival Toronto in the process.

“There is a nightlife in Montreal. The only reason there is one in Toronto is because there’s a half a million Montrealers who have moved there,” Coderre told reporters.

Coderre’s comments prompted a good natured retort from fo Swarovski rmer Ontario premier Bob Rae.

“Denis Coderre says we have no nightlife in Toront Swarovski o. Arlene and I are going to bed now. We’ve had our cocoa. What does Denis know?” Rae tweeted Saturday. cut off for alcohol sales causes problems because too many people head out into the streets at the same time, especially during the party filled summer months.

Montreal’s police chief is on board with the project, he added.

Coderre said the city will evaluate the economic and social impact of the extended hours before deciding whether to make the change permanent.

Not everyone is happy with the trial.

The head of an association of Quebec bar owners is upset with the move, but only because he’d l Swarovski ike all downtown bars to be able to stay open until dawn.

Peter Sergakis, who owns a number of downtown bars and restaurants, said he’s received dozens of Swarovski complains from fellow bar owners.