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Swarovski Crystals Modify composting system to al

Modify composting system to allow plastic bags

Guelph’s new organic treatment system stipulates that the use of plastic bags will no longer be permitted to contain and store organic waste prior to collection by the city.

Guelph residents will now have to use unlined organic collection containers and bins. The undesired outcome will be putting up with unhygienic, smelly, maggot and ant infested garbage collection containers.

The city advises that people are requ Swarovski Crystals ired to adopt this policy because the Ministry of the Environment prohibits the collection of waste in plastic bags. Actually, the ministry does not prohibit the Swarovski Crystals collection of organic waste in plastic bags, but r Swarovski Crystals ather prohibits the composting of organic waste when contained in plastic as the bags interfere with the supply of oxygen to the composting process, resulting in the production of bad odours.

The city also advises that other cities such as Toronto have the same waste organic system as Guelph. However, it is my understanding that Toronto still allows organic waste to be collected in plastic bags. It appears Toronto has resolved the conflict between collection of organics in plastic bags and composting.

Guelph merely needs to modify its organic treatment plant so that plastic bags are removed from the organic waste stream prior to delivery to composting. Apparently, according to a designer of such plants, this is a straightforward design issue and is commonly used.

The ministry clearly treats bad odours as an environmental hazard, as it will not permit the smelly process of composting organic waste in plastic bags. Guelph, as an acknowledged leader in environmental issues, should be equally concerned with bad odours in households and modify its organic treatment plant as described above, so that plastic bags can continue to be used by households to control and store organic wastes.

Guelph bills itself as a wonderful place to live. Guelph will lose some of its lustre as a wonderful place to live when residents find that their quality of life is affected by th Swarovski Crystals e foul odours associated with the use of unlined organic waste storage containers and bins.