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Summary of Content: The module provides a wide ranging syllabus which covers all aspects of the basic mechanisms by which Swarovski Crystals cells function. The module will consider both plant and animal eukaryotic cells, making particulr note of their commonalities and processes which are specific to either. In particular the concept that cells are dynamic structures in which extensive movement and taffiking occurs will be used as much as possible to illustrate the point that celss are more than simply bags of molecules. To this end, video clips of a variety of dynamic cellular processes will be incorporated as much as possible into lectures. In addition, the use of modern technologies of reporter molecules and detailed cellular imaging will be discussed.Activities may take place every teaching week of the Semester or only in specified weeks. It is usually specified above if an activity only takes place in some weeks of a SemesterLectures (30 hours) practical classes (2 x 3 hou Swarovski Crystals rs). Breakdown of hours: Taught classes (36 hours); coursework (practical write ups and course essay (20 hours); revision and examination (19 hours).Method of Assessment: Assessment Swarovski Crystals TypeWeightRequirementsExam 1 60 2 hour examination Coursework 1 30 1,500 word essay Coursework 2 5 Practical report (2 pages max) Coursework 3 5 Practical report (2 pages max)Education Aims: E Swarovski Crystals ducation Aims: To develop an understanding of the basic processes which enable a cell to function, focussing on the structure and function of organelles, the cytoskeleton and how cells use signal transduction pathways.