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Swarovski Jewelry MNF bags Mizo LS seatVanla

MNF bags Mizo LS seat

Vanlalzawma secured 1,82,241 votes and Khiangte got 1,59,170 votes while Ephraim Union candidate, Tlangdinglia Swarovski Jewelry na, a former state wrestling champion, could manage only 6,414 votes, Lalchhuana said.

K Lalrin Swarovski Jewelry liana of MNF trounced his lone rival C Lalbiakthanga of the MSF by a margin of 1294 votes.

Lalrinliana polled 6,113 votes, while Lalbiakthanga, sponsored by the MSF, an alliance of the congress, the Mizoram People’s Conference and the Zoram Nationalist Party secured 4,819 votes.

Despite 561 votes from two polling booths stuck in the faulty electronic voting machines (EVMs), the returning officer C Tawnluaia, after consulting the Election Commission announced that Vanlalzawma won the election to the lone state Lok Sabha seat.

”The Election Commission felt that the winning margin was huge and would never be altered by a mere 561 votes”, the joint CEO said, adding, the votes of the two polling stations in the state southernmost Lawngtlai assembly segment stuck in the faulty EVMs need not to be counted.

Political obse Swarovski Jewelry rvers in Aizwal, even while acknowledging the pro incumbency factor and popularity of Vanlalzawma, were stunned by the defeat of the three major opposition party Swarovski Jewelry combine.