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Monessen Daily Independent, The (Newspaper) August 28, 1930, Monessen, Pennsylvania Thursday, August 28, 1930. THE DAILY INDEPENDENT, MONESSEN, PA. Community Happenings J. F. Furey of Pittsburgh is a. business caller here today. James McKenna transacted bus iness matters in Greensburg today. Mrs. Leon Bohey of Second street, vjsited this afternoon in charleroi. Mrs. Sam Ross and Miss Laura! relatives. Owens visited yesterday afternoon A number of local Finnish peo ple went to Ashtabula Harbar today to attend the funeral services of George E. Wahlstrom, a former Monessen man. The Misses Katherine and Irene Lewis returned to their home in Braddock yesterday after spend ing the past few days here with ivith friends in Charleroi. Russell Forrester was a busi ness caller in Pittsburgh yester T. S’. LaForte of Donner avenue was a business caller in Pitts burgh yesterday. Joseph Check of this city is a business caller in Pittsburgh to day. Miss Alice Webb and Mrs. Alicj Haderman were business’ callers jesterday in Greensburg. John Pishko, Nick iKotys and Max Kotys of this city, left yes terday morning on a motor trip to Detroit, Mich., where they will visit a few days with friends and lelatives. Miss Rose Bruno has returned to her home on McMahon avenue after spending the summer months with friends and relatives in New York City and other points of interest. An oriental lamb and corn roast is announced for Sunday, Septem ber 7th, at Palmer Park, the pro Mr. Edward Fisher of New ceeds of which will be given to St. Castle is visiting in Monessen to Michael’s, Orthodox church of this soom oay. Harold Steiner drove to Greens burg yesterday where he looked after business matters. Miss Tereesa Niccolini of Chest nut street is spending the day in Charleroi among friends. C. H. Dils, local realtor, was a business visitor in Greensburg to day. Dr. S. H. Rosenthal, who has been absent from the city enjoy ing a ten days vacation, will re turn home this evening. Miss Fannie Searson, a clerk at the P. L. E. freight office, is off duty enjoying her annual two weeks vacation, Mrs. Richard Hobbs and daugh ter, Martha Louige, and Miss Virgil Tempest of North Charle roi, spent the ‘day in Monessen, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Miller have returned to their home on McKee avenue after a short with friends and relatives in Altoona. Miss Ann Rosenthal has return ed to her home on Delaware street, after spending the past few days in Oil City. David Bornstein of Schoonmak er avenue, this city, and Morton Haas of “Charleroi, spent last eve ning with friends in Uniontown. Raymond Kelly returned to his home on Donner avenue last eve ning, after spending his summer vacation at Conneaut Lake. Walter Labecka, Harold Cramer, Bernard Samuels, and Charles Labecka are spending the day in Pittsburgh. ‘Stanley Nayhouse’ of McKec avenue, spent last evening in school. I city. Miss Ethel Roberts, who has been taking the summer course at the University of West Vir ginia at Morgantown, will com plete her work tomorrow morn ing. Adolph Janotta, Everett D. Vernaccini, Louis Lombardo, Fran cis Kasper and Herman Cavalli, left last evening for Canton, Ohio, where they will spend several days. Mr. and ML S. Allen W’eirman have returned from their wedding trip and visited several hours Tuesday in Monessen, prior to leaving for their home in Beaver. Mrs. Weirman will be remember ed as Genevieve Miller. Mrs. Pauline Bilotti and daugh ter, Dolores Jean, of Freedom, Pa., are visiting with the former’s Mrs. Sam Manda rino of Knoxj avenue. Bi lotti was a former resident of this city. Robert McKelvie, local garage man, spent the day in Fairmont, where he is making final arrange ments in regard to the miniature golf course which he is having es tablished in his garage at the low er end of town. Mr. and Mrs. William Cooper and their daughter, Phyliss, have returned to their home on Leeds avenue, after spending the sum mer months in Terre Haute, Ind. Mr. Cooper is one of the instruc tors in the Monessen High school. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Armstrong, who have been spending the sum mer months at St. Louis and Phil adelphia, will return to this city on Labor Day’. Mr. Armstrong is a Swarovski Outlet teacher in the Monessen High Pittsburgh with friends and rela tives. Mrs. Max Shapiro of McKee is spending some time vis Miss Edith Phillips, Jimmie Phillips and Miss Evelyn Bohey have returned home after a de lightful trip down the Senandoah iting with friends and relathcs Valley. They also visited the in New York. I Gettysburg battle fields on” the Mr. Joseph Bruno has returned I to his home on McMahon avenue after spending a few days in New York City, by motor. The trip was made Monessen, is a guest at the horn _ _ of Mrs. Ted Breuer, of Washinj Mr. and Mrs. Fred Braun have lon avenue, Charleroi, for a fe returned to their home on Reed return trip. Miss Lilja Filander of Chicago, 111., who is spending a vacation with relatives and friends in ENTERTAINED GUESTS Mrs. Kathryn Branche enter tained at at her home, 912 Grant avenue at yesterday, the affair being in honor of Mrs Sadie McMillan and her daughter, Mrs. Fa ire of Tuskegee, A Swarovski Outlet la., and Mrs. Julia Syler of Nashville, Tenn. The other guests were Mrs. William Davis, Mrs. Dora Syler, Mrs. Martha Mason, Mrs. Mattie Page, Rev. and Mrs. Thompson, Mrs. Willie Dunkin, Mrs. Bessie Payne, and Mrs. Annie Syler. After dinner a so cial time was spent. Mrs. Branehe was assisted ‘in entertaining by her daughter, Mrs. Ethel Blanche and Mrs. Mamie MadNon and daughter, Miss Willamae Briggs. CHILDREN FETED Over two hundred children, who have been in attendance during the rummer months at the Ninth street play grounds, were tender ed a party last evening. The af fair was arranged by Mrs. The party was featured by a dinner, the hours being from to A lolly pop hunt furnished a lot of entertainment along with nu merous games and contests. The play ground was closed today, along with all the other grounds throughout the city. awarded to Mrs. Dave Burnstein and Miss Sylvia Katz, while the guest gifts were given to those complimented. At a late hour a delightful lunch was served. The out of town guests were Mrs. Dave News COYLE THEATRE After a year’s retirement froi Burnstein of Springfield, Miss of illness. Mil elen Itskovitz of McKeesport and Miss Celia Neft of Pittsburgh. VAN VOORHIS REUNION The third annual reunion of the Van Voorhite family, celebrating the three hundredth anniversary of their coming from Holland to America in 1630, will be held on Saturday, August UO, at Han ncn’s Heights. Automobiles will take Route 71, or take Bentley ville Ciiarleroi car and get off at Nelson’s Beach. and Mrs. Harry A. and Mr. and Mrs. James B. White. GOOD DANCE ORCHESTRA Dave Harmon and his Greater orchestra will be featured at the New Italian hall in Monesscu, Friday evening, August 2 ENTERTAINED FOR GUESTS Mrs. Louis Batten entertained at her home on Schoonmaker avenue last evening in honor of her guests, the Misses Jule and Hannah Ack er of Cleveland. Bridge was the diversion of the evening with three tables being in play. Favors were Mrs. John Roberts and children, Betty and Thelma of this city and Mrs. Robert Hill and daughter Thelma, of Charleroi are Pitts burgh visitors today. Joe Fedorchak and Michael T. Sapsara, Jr., of Detroit, Mich., are guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Max Fedorchak, of Schoonmaker avenue. The pipe organ at the M. E. church in Belle Vernon has under gone extensive repairs at the hands of a mechanic from the Mailer man ufacturing company at llagers town. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Brown have just returned from a busi ness trip to Philadelphia, where they made extensive purchases of novelties for their gift shop. The new merchandise is arriving daily and is being displayed. Miss Virginia Shutterly and Miss Estelle Bush, teachers in the public schools at Plainfield, N. J., will return to Plainfield, Mon day of next week, their school be ginning on Tuesday, September ladies were at Columbia There will be dancing from 9 til 1. Rescued Men (By United Press) Scranton, Pa. Aug. returns to the screen a tln> Coyle theatre tomorrow in “Ma Trouble.” Fox Movietone drama Sill ; is one of the most poular act ors in pictures. He enjoyed a mos successful career in silent picture and before he was taken ill, appear ed in two talking “His Cap live Woman” and “The Barker.” Sills is co featured with Dorothj Maekuill and Kenneth MacKcnna He plays the character of a speak easy owner who menaces the ro niance of a boy and girl who fal in love as the lesull of an unusua meeting. Featured roles are also played Sharon Lynn and Roscoe Karns with James Bradbury. Jv., Osoa Apfel, Edylhe Chapman, Harve; Clark and Lew Harvey completing ithe cast. through the play, adds interesi siiuiu UM tin; uj. u cavu in, ji t i which had wrecked two homes nllss thls Rrcat plctllre injured a woman, when the sides of the hole began to slide, trapping! the workers. The men were caught in a the longest run_nf any pic whirlpool of earth and rock. jture this year, and Charleroi Restoratives were passed no exception Swarovski Outlet to the rule, Massankiel who was wedged under thR theatre is packed nightly. Williams. Finally a rope was ,lho, P’dure will be shown all this 2nd. Both young summer students avenue, after a delightful vacation spent with friends and relatives at Butler and Grove City. eaer days. Miss Filander is a forme resident ol this city. C. Ward Eicher and F. H. Stee spent last Sunday at the Sunda school camp at Spruce Creek their son, have returned to theij Hunti don county, where home in Butler after a short visit! college of younB men is in at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frcdj Th ort the Braun on Reed avenue. Clarence Long, who was grad uated from the Teachers College at California, has accepted a posi tion as instructor in the North Belle Vernon schools. William Johnson, of Donora, who was formerly in the employ of the Daily Independent was a vis itor in Monessen for several hours this morning. Walter Wiita, local postman, left for Astabula Harbor, Ohio, today to attend the funeral of George E. Wahlstrom, a former local man. Mrs. George Weigand of New Kensington is visiting for several clays at the home of her daughter. th session havin a pleasant as well as profitabl time. Mrs. Lena Fulton and Mrs Thomas Keil have been grante letters of administration on th estate of their father, Henry Ost house, whose body was recently found in the Monongahela river The letters were granted in th Fayette county court. George Bull has arranged tf make a trip to Lake Erie the lat ter part of the week to visit, witl his family who have spent the summer in their cottage. Tht cottage will be closed for the sea ‘son and; the family will return home with Mr. Bull. The Misses Vernice and Virginia Mrs. W. R. Bedillion, on Graham I Sharp, of Butler, spent the past few days here as the guests o1 Miss Eleanor Titus at her home on Rostraver street. The young la dies returned to their home yes avenue. J. T. Dalton and M. Kaler, who are connected with the G. C. Mur phy Co. of MciKeesport. are busi terday and were accompanied by callers at the local store to Miss Titus, who will spend several day. I days there. i News and Personal Items of General Interest Dr. A. M. Persico, foot special ist will be located at the New Grand hotel Wednesday, Thursday Friday and Saturday. Hours 10 to !2. 2 to 5 and to and by appointment. Phone 9385, 90 x and Easy terms. I. V. Hat Dress Shoppe., 46 tf j Electi i work of all kinds done pri. repaired, houses wired, anything in the electrical ‘me. Call Shutterly, 214 First street. Phone 73 M. I Card party Friday nipht at St. Leonard Parish hall. Last of series. y Prizes and lunch. 64 2c The Fall Opening of the Moss Millinery will be held Friday and Saturday of this week. A full line of Fall Hats will be shown at the opening. 63 3t Isreal Anderson, dealer in coal and general hauling. 419 Tenth street. Phone 327 R. 80 tf Five Hundred and Cootie party Friday night, August 29th, at Kelly’s hall, auspice W. B. A. Everyone welcome. 63 2t University, New York City. Mr. and Mrs. W. 0. Beery of McKee avenue left Wednesday for Columbus, Ohio, and will return ;his evening accompanied by their daughter, Gladys, who has been attending the summer session of the Ohio State University. Miss Beery will leave Monday for Wellsburg, where she will take up her duties as supervisor of the Home Economics department of the Wellsburg high school. The Fayette county Sunday school association will hold the annual picnic on September 13th. at the Firemens Club in the moun tains near Hopwood, which all county, district officers, pastors, superintendents, their families, and wives will attend. Several members of the state staff anc board of directors have been in vited to attend. This is schedule! to be a pep meeting for the year’s work. CARD OF THANKS We desire in this manner to ex tend our thanks to the man> friends and neighbors who were so kind and c of us dur ing the illness and at the time of the death of our wife and mother Mis. Mary Kintz. We also wisfc to thank those who gave floral tributes and the use of their cars for the funeral, and the priest of St. Leonard’s church. All who aided in any way wilj, ever be icld in grateful remembrance. Mr. George ,Kintz It and Children. CARD OF THANKS We wish to take this means of extending our thanks to all those ,vho were so kind to us during the llness and at the time of the leath of our wife and mother. Vlrs. Anthony Canova. We wish o thank all who sent flowers, gave the use of their cars for the uneral or aided in any way. All uch will always be held in grate ul remembrance. tp Anthony Canova and Family passed under the elders man’s arms and he was hauled to the surface. After more frantic digging Mas sankiel was reached and hauled out of the hole. ‘week. OLMI’IC THEATRE Today and tomorrow at the Olympic. Behe Daniels, one of the Both men suffered from temper ‘scioen’s most beautiful stars, will ary paralysis, from the pressure appear in “Alias French of’the slate and rock acainst them, !onc of tho most alluring dramatic and shock. They will hospital physcians said. recover, i fctovies of her i areer. She has nev ler been more captivating. On Sat urdav another big show is on the boards Rod LaKoquc appearing in “The Delightful Rogue.” Comes Down (Bv United Press) South Bend, Ind., Aug. Jimmy Sugonitis, 14, today mourn j ing of a soul, ilnd in most of us it Finding One’s True Self Life is sin opportunity for mak ed the start of school for two rea son? because he doesn’t like school and because it ended his record tree sitting marathon. Jim my’s mother brought him down Is still in the making; a patch work, unfinished. There tire so many selves, each struggling fo raaslery, that it is not easy to de tect the ultimate self. last night from the tree in which Which “me” is my real he had perched since July 15, There a Int of them, Swarovski Outlet the ragged 033 hours. Transfer Money (By United Press) Brownsville, Pa.