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Monthly Reviews

If you read this blog during the month of June, you are now a more interesting person for the 21 reasons noted below (and if you read since the start of this blog in late April, you more interesting for a total of 47 reasons!):

1. Intrepid aircraft carrier.

15. You heard a quick explanation of the differences between the internet and the world wide web. You know why lum Swarovski ber measurements don jibe with their actual finished size. You learned the history of the DeSoto automobile.

18. You know all about the children game “Operation”.

1 Swarovski 9. You listened to early and recent performances of the song, “The Ride” by David Allan Coe.

20. You got a preview of the upcoming CBS television remake of Hawaii Five O.

21. You studied the works of Native American Indian photographer Edward S. Curtis. our first month together here (which includes a few days at the end of April) Swarovski you are now a more interesting person for 26 reason Swarovski s: