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Mixed bag for Gonzalez

To review, the team one position player change because of injury (Omar Infante moved into the lineup after Martin Prado broke a pinkie, then stayed in due to Chipper Jones season ending knee injury) and made three other changes via trade because they weren satisfied with what they had.Escobar gone, but not forgotten by some in Braves Country.They got Alex Gonzalez from Toronto in a July 15 shortstop swap for Yunel Escobar, then traded for center f Swarovski Crystal ielder Rick Ankiel (and reliever Kyle Farnsworth) on July 31 after getting disappointing production from Nate McLouth and others in center, and traded for first baseman Derrek Lee last week after nearly two months of diminished production from sore kneed Troy Glaus.You know about Infante; he surpassed any and all expectations, the All Star utility man taking his game up another notch since becoming a lineup regular. Infante has hit .371 in 63 games since June 1, including .394 with a .426 OBP and .578 slugging percentage while starting the past 25 consecutive games.He g Swarovski Crystal ot 23 hits a .442 average during his current 12 game hitting streak, including seven extra base hits (two triples, three homers). He scored 13 runs and driven in seven during that 12 game span, and on Monday was named NL Player of the Week.But what about the others, the ones brought in via trades?First, let tak Swarovski Crystal e a look at Gonzalez, since he been here the longest and since some fans insist the Braves made a mistake trading Escobar. Nevermind if not a single member of the organization, players to team officials to scouts, will tell you on or off record that the team should given Escobar a little more time to grow up and that they were better off keeping him. Not one.Teammates and Braves officials have had nothing but praise for Gonzalez (left) since he came in trade for Escobar.Anyway, the stats might surprise you, since Escobar got off to a fast start in Toronto, having his best couple of weeks of the season while Gonzalez had one of his worst weeks right after coming to the Braves. It a reminder of how fi Swarovski Crystal rst impressions will linger with people.Since the trade, Gonzalez has hit .267 with 14 extra base hits (three homers), 20 RBIs and a .768 OPS in 36 games.He also grounded into four double plays and made six errors, most of the errors in quick succession a couple of weeks ago.Since the trade, Escobar has hit .297 with nine extra base hits (three homers), 12 RBIs and a .762 OPS in 31 games.He also grounded into four double plays and made four errors.So Gonzalez has played five more games, has five more extra base hits, eight more RBIs, and an OPS basically the same (six points higher, to be exact). He made two more errors.Keep in mind, it been arguably the best six week stretch of Escobar season, and one of the worst of Gonzalez season, at least in terms of power and OPS.Here what they done in recent weeks, since the close scrutiny sort of faded with time and other moves the Braves made:Since July 28, Escobar has hit .250 with four doubles, one homer, five RBIs and a .648 OPS in 21 games, and grounded into four double plays and made four errors.In Gonzalez past 18 games, he has hit .284 with five doubles, a triple, two homers, 17 RBIs and an .811 OPS. He grounded into one double play and made three errors in that span.For the season, Escobar has hit .257 with 18 doubles, three homers, 31 RBIs and a .665 OPS in 106 games.For the season, Gonzalez has hit .261 with 34 doubles, three triples, 20 homers, 70 RBIs and a .786 OPS in 121 games.The statistics aren nearly so encouraging for the Braves in regards to the others they traded for. But let start with a caveat that we talking about a relatively small sample size with all of them, and way too small a sample size when it comes to Lee.Derrek Lee, after hitting four homers in his last three games for the Cubs, has gone 1 for 15 with one double, three RBIs (all on that double), three walks and six strikeouts in four games with the Braves. He was 0 for 4 with three strikeouts in Monday night series opening loss to the Rockies.Braves are confident that Lee is going to produce plenty before season through.Rick Ankiel, the strong armed center fielder has not looked good most nights at the plate. Ankiel hit his first homer of the season Monday, but also struck out with runners at second and third to end the eighth inning in the 5 4 loss.The whiffs have been particularly troubling with Ankiel, who has hit .212 in 21 games with four extra base hits, nine walks and 26 strikeouts in 66 at bats for the Braves. He has a .307 OBP and .318 slugging percentage since the trade.