Swarovski Crystals mngt aspirants in a frenzy

mngt aspirants in a frenzy

New Delhi, Jan 3: Yes, the cat is truly out of the box as suggested by some websites out there on the CAT 2010 results. The highly awaited Common Admission Test results by managament Swarovski Crystals aspirants are out. Rumours doing the rounds suggest that the results have apparent Swarovski Crystals ly been leaked. The thousands out there who dream of getting into the many IIM’s seem to be jamming the World Wide Web to know the fate of their results. Anyone who accesses the website will be a victim of malware files meant to harm the system. The website hosting the results was developed, and is maintained, by a third party vendor hired by the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs). This Swarovski Crystals news comes after CAT h Swarovski Crystals as given the test online for the first time this year. Prometric, a global company is dealing with assessment and testing services for CAT.

The results were meant to be given out originally on Jan 12, 2011. Curiosity most definitely killed the cat, this time around.