Swarovski Crystals Mob Mayhem Hits LeoneIt wa

Mob Mayhem Hits Leone

It was Black Friday all over again today as a long line of musically minded consumers snaked around Leone Music World, waiting for their turn to enter the packed business that recently went into receivership.

With everything from guitars and violins to sheet music and drum sticks Swarovski Crystals offered at up to 70 per cent off listed prices and Christmas j Swarovski Crystals ust 10 days away Dougall Avenue was a madhouse of clogged traffic.

for the price of one! said Windsor Jody Kozmenski, a six string Stagg guitar in each hand. The half price deal for her originally listed $219.99 (plus tax) acoustical instruments included free guitar bags.

Her son and nephew, both five years old, will now wake up to guitars on Christmas morning. Kozmenski had tackled the Black Friday crowds in Michigan, when I Swarovski Crystals saw the prices, I thought, whoa, he can wait till he older.

Family owned Leone Music World had been a fixture for local musicians since 1962, and at its peak had a staff of 15 and sales of $1.5 million.

Things appear to have gone downhill after the owner son, Carl Leone, was convicted on multiple counts of aggravated sexual assault. Leone pleaded guilty in 2005 t Swarovski Crystals o 15 counts of having unprotected sex with women who were unaware he was HIV positive. He serving an 18 year sentence and is facing at least four multimillion dollar lawsuits by women who became HIV positive as a result of sexual contact with him.

ever since Carl was convicted, we refused to step in here, said local music studio owner Glenn. The Tecumseh man didn want to divulge his last name because he was skipping work to get some deals on the $800,000 worth of inventory up for grabs.

Voytek Kulpa of Toronto Hilco Asset Sales Canada, said the sale is planned to continue for least a week until the merchandise is gone.

Asked whether his musical buddies will be back at Leone for the sale, Glenn laughed, pointing to the great prices: they wake up, yes (but) most of them don get out of bed before noon.