Swarovski Crystals Mob War 2071 Final Chapter

Mob War 2071 Final Chapter

Flint had taken off on his own, hiding out in the warrens. Hek and Knox were in a flop house in the CAS near the Warrens and Argos had crashed at his place.

Flint/”Mikey” sent off a trix post, perhaps something can be arranged, this whole thing most likely smells fishy to begin with, and the mob isn’t stupid. After camping out for the night, he shaves his head and beard off, then manages through his magic to turn his skin black. That done, he heads for the cybered arms to await the rest of the team to discuss things.

After a night spent cradling his new smartlinked, recoil compensated body maker, Hek stirs from a fitful sleep. “Stupid chinks, always causing problems.” He looks over at Argos, and Knox. “That ex cop seemed like he had some ideas. Personally, I’m not all about trying to talk my way out of some shit I had nothing to do with.”

Argos sighs and rubs the back of his neck, moving his head from side to side. “Well, I’m not that keen on it either, but I’m less keen of the mob wanting to blow me away for something I didn’t do either. Still, hopefully that ork has some sort of idea of what to do, I don’t even know where to begin right now. Suppose I could try to call one of my mob contacts and beg a favor to see if he knows who out there wants to slight Innocenti nods slowly to Hek, his arm is in a sling and thankfully Flint/Mikey stabilized and cleaned the straight shot wound. He winces as he brings the cigarette to his lips, “I think if we can make contact with the Mafia, see what data Argos pulled up our way into clearing us and maybe getting some dough out of it.” he shrugs, then grunts at the pain in his shoulder. “Lets grab the car, drive to the cybered Arms.”

Welcome inside. It’s Swarovski Crystals a “seedy” place to say the least. The bar is smoky, and light lances in from the 3 inch slits on the steel covered windows, cutting through the haze. One wall has an elbow high (for a human) bench runing the length, only stopping for the old, scarred cigarette machine. Above the bench is a number of corkboards along the wall. These have pinups of gun magazine flimsies, naked women, and contact names and numbers for various services tacked to them.

A cramped bar that seats five abreast is crammed into the back wall, and doors to the restrooms are adjacent; to the left of the bar. The bar itself seems quite new, done in stainless steel and metal grillwork, with the spirits behind a high metal grille, only the tops protruding. A steel cyborg head, titanium teeth bared and dark optics forever dormant, is mounted above the bar, polished but for the three bullet entry holes along the side of the skull.

Mikey is waiting, in disguise of course. He will approach the team when they arrive a Swarovski Crystals nd identify himself, of course, he still wears his music player like he always does, an earbud in one ear, plus he does look the same facially, just without the beard and hair.

Knox skulks in, Keegan giving the ork a weary bit of stink eye. The ork’s arm is draped in his rumpled suit jacket. “Hi.”

Hek skulks into the furthest depths of the darkest corner in the place. Arms stay folded acrossed his chest, eyes remaining focused on the door. From time to time he looks at Keegan, then to the two bouncers, a not small part of his thoughts trying to figure out where the three of them would stand if things were to suddenly go sideways.

Argos glances over at the bouncers and Keegan before moving along with the rest of the team, sighing softly as he takes a seat. “So hopefully someone has some sort of idea on how to fix this problem?”

Mikey grunts faintly. “We have some valuable data, we need to give that to the mob and explain the situation. The person even told us they are selling to sucresi, so that narrows down who they are.”

In the corner, Knox heads to the bar, he comes back holding a small plate of fried soy crisps and four mug sof soybeer. He chugs one back before responding, “Lets recap. We do a run. Double cross and framed. We don’t know who the person is right? But we have a copy of the data? Argos?”

In the corner, Hek unfolds his hands from beneath his armpits and leans forward. “That bitch was triad, for sure.” Having contributed that, he takes payment in the form of a big handful of fries, and one of the beers. Before anyone can object, he stuffs the fries into his mouth. “Thanks.” He mumbles around the greasy faux spuds.

Argos nods softly at that, patting his bag. “Of course, I didn’t give them the source code, just a Swarovski Crystals copy.” He glances over at Hek and shrugs slightly before looking over at the others. “Just surprised they didn’t try to kill us then and there though. Guess they figure the mob will handle that just fine.”

Mikey snorts “To play super paranoid, they in fact are someone else tryhing to frame the triads by trying to frame us to implicate the triads. But hey, thats way too complicated right.”

In the corner, Hek shrugs. “I don’t give two fucks who they re Swarovski Crystals ally are. I only care what to tell the wops to get them to leave me alone.”

Knox snaps his fingers, he pulls out a pocket secretary and connects it with his datajack discreetly tucked behind his ear. His eyes roll back into his head for a moment, then an image shows up on the pocsec. He passes it around.

Hek (10968) rolls Criminal Organizations vs TN 4: 1 = 3 Successes

Argos says, “Best I have is gang rumors”

Knox says, “That’ll work too, tn6″

Mikey says, “I dont have criminal orgs, just Wanted Criminals :)”

You paged Hek with ‘Upon closer inspection of the grainy eye you can see she resembles one of the upper members of the 88’s Triad’.

Knox says, “That works too, TN6 shes definitely wanted or has criminal background”

Knox snaps his fingers, he pulls out a pocket secretary and connects it with his datajack discreetly tucked behind his ear. His eyes roll back into his head for a moment, then an image shows up on the pocsec. He passes it around. (repose for Mikey)

Mikey (11485) rolls Wanted Criminals vs TN 6 for “Not going to happen!”: 3 = 0 Successes

Argos (11351) rolls Gang Rumors vs TN 6: 1 = 1 Success

You paged Argos with ‘you’re pretty sure she’s triad affiliated, word on the street anyway.’.

In the corner, Hek looks at the image without much interest at first, seemingly hesitant to look away from the entrance for too long, lest someone walk through it and recognize him. Only after a few moments does he do a double take of sorts, then smirk. “That bitch looks REAL familiar.” He nods assuredly. “Triad. One of the locals, the Eighty Eights. I wonder if her sixty four trigram technique is any good.”

In the corner, Hek checks the door again, then the bouncers, then looks to Flint. “You got anyone who can pull a gang file?”