Swarovski Crystals Mob War 2071 Part 4Quiet i

Mob War 2071 Part 4

Quiet is how best to describe this desolate stretch of the Warrens, the downtown glittering skyline in the far distance. Mafen is out, somewhere, diverting police attention which was enough to for a get away through the terrible weather that’s soaked all of you. Thankfully, the rain has let up though a slick coat of mud envelops your shoes.

The highway turns and you take an exit that lets you off at a two lane pot hole strewn service road. To your right a few single story anonymous concrete buildings: squatter fires, various gang graffiti, weeds, the usual. To your left is a large two story abandoned and rusted warehouse: Junked and useless autos are strewn about the weedy front lot like forgotten children’s toys. A squat and crumbled security booth/gate further down the road ‘guards’ a single lane road that curves and leads to behind the warehouse, looks like a three story loading dock in the back, but hard to tell from looking a the front. Blue hued temporary floodlig Swarovski Crystals hts act as beacons from within the warehouse. Immediately in front of the entrance is the beat up car Knox was seen driving.

Flint arrives on his bike, pulling up and parking near Knox’s car, but of course, keeping an eye out. Last thing he wants is to be one of the runners that was killed for knowing too much. He scans the area warily, then shuts off his bike and steps off.

On the way into the neighborhood, Hek studies the graffiti as he orients himself with his surroundings. “I wonder if the locals mind us being here.” He ponders out loud while s Swarovski Crystals earching around for sentries or any other predators.

Knox says, “Flint, perception roll please”

Knox (4448) rolls 1 for “Myster GM”: 1

Flint (11485) rolls Intelligence for “Ahh, whats going on! Btw, I have a +2 penalty to all hearing checks.”: 1 slows to a stop and glances around at all the ‘art’ as well, shrugging. “No telling. Suppose we’ll figure it o Swarovski Crystals ut soon.” He takes off his helmet and dismounts the bike, sighing softly. “Don’t see anyone yet, so might be safe enough for now.”

Shadowrun Denver ] You receive word from Police Scanner (Sun Jun 26 Star PD, Bunco to DHP Corp”

“Sector Six Squad Seargant whattya want?”

“Signal 13 in your sector, off University and 6th, Asian CAS. Got an anonymous caller saying a downed officer. I’m heading down there now with CSI, I’ll need you to secure the scene.”

“We’ve got our hands full, I’ll see what I can do. Nut job just toasted up the highway near there.”

> Posted by Detective Dave (6447) Knox says, “Flint, coast is clear. Hek roll perception if you need to. Free pose otherwise.”

Hek (10968) rolls Intelligence + 1: 1 straightens his jacket and waits for the others to show up, nodding to them when they arrive. He will wait to enter the building with the others, in case of trouble.

Hek says, “Knox, is there any point in Hek finding a nearby safe house location in case things go sideways/”

Knox says, “That’s feasible, though you it may not be a good tactic to do that right now in the middle of the Warrens.”

You paged Hek with ‘It’s really quiet, few gunshots in the distance, few blood curddling screams. You know, normal night in the Warrens.’.

Hek passes Flint, “I didn’t see any tails on the way here.” He reports to Flint before heading first through the door, then taking a step to the side and leaning against the wall, not quite yet ready to stray far from the exit.

Argos moves up to the other two and glances over his shoulder. “Any word on our sniper? Or is he still leading the cops all over the city?” He glances back at the other two before looking up at the building the meet is supposed to be in.

Flint shrugs “Nothing on my end either. I’ve heard about him elsewhere, I’m sure he is fine.” He flexes his fingers for a moment, then starts for the enterance. “I’ll go in first.” He heads inside.

The trio enters the warehouse, Flint in front: Tall metal shelving units house an assortment of hard to identify automobile parts from the previous century. Moss and weeds sprout through cracks in the concrete floor. Conveyor belts ring the warehouse and the hull of some kind of industrial cherry picker crane sits in the center of the room, must have been used at one time for removing items off shelves. On your left a metal staircase leads to a second story catwalk that rings the entire warehouse as well as glass encased office.

All said, it is the center of the building that occupies your attention: The naked body of a large black man facedown in a pool of blood and Knox a few feet away seemingly knocked out with a smaller wound in his shoulder and a large bore revolver laying in his open hand.”Thats far enough.”, Swarovski Crystals bellows an unseen but soft spoken female voice in accented English.

Knox says, “Perception rolls all”

Flint (11485) rolls Intelligence for “Thermo, LowLight, Vision Mag. Sight, no hearing mods and +2 tn to all hearing tests sadly.”: 2

Hek (10968) rolls Intelligence for “Add +1 to each roll to reflect Hek’s Novacoke habit. Low light and vision mag mods”: 1

Argos (11351) rolls Intelligence: 1 The sound of guns being cocked/racked from above though you can’t see anyone.