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moberly trash bags

About 10 years ago they instituted a recycling p Swarovski Crystals lan. They lowered the price of trash pick up and did the have to buy blue bags. The idea behind it was to get people to stop throwing recyclable things in the trash. You can save money if you recycle all the recycle things. If you are throwing cans, plastic, paper and recyclable things in the trash you are the problem not the blue bags. Stop trashing up my kids future and the Earth please, thanks! And save yourself some money and not have to buy blue bags. I put out two recycle bags a week and one 13 gallon blue bag every two weeks. Cost me a whole buck. Recycle! Swarovski Crystals It’s not hard and if you have kids you should care. If you don’t have kids you should still care!

Are you saying that minimum wage should not ever change? It hasn’t changed in several years.

I am not saying that minimum wage should never change. I am offering up an explanation of how the economy works. The gov Swarovski Crystals ernment’s core purpose of taxation, for example, is not to purely tax us or create revenue to fund itself, but to also influence decisions we make habits (such as excise taxes on cigarettes alcohol aka “the sin tax”). We are filthy people who litter, waste, and pollute our earth with more trash than we could f Swarovski Crystals ill our own homes with in a year. I think its more than fair to start making us pay a little more to take care of our future generations rather than leave our great grandchildren to fend for themselves.

You know I don’t even live in Moberly but I do have a lot of family from there and for life of me I could NOT believe that little crappyass town actually charges for trash bags and have to buy regular bags for in the house and pay the city to pick the crap up?! Whoa!! How chaotic and overwhelming jus getting the garbage out of a week lol.