Swarovski Crystals Mobile company donates school

Mobile company donates school bags

amongst the children of the school. Director Public Relations public relations, activities and policies used to create public interest in a person, idea, product, institution, or business establishment. By its nature, public relations is devoted to serving particular interests by presenting them to the public in the most (Mobile

Company), Omar Manzur stated: our volunteers are deeply committed

towards making a difference in the lives of Swarovski Crystals the underprivileged across

the country. The distribution of recycled bags to the children and new

cellular handsets to the faculty are a token of support and continued

effort to give back to the deserving in the society. Since the launch of

the Recycled Schoolbags initiative in 2007, the mobile company has

donated over 30,000 bags made from recycled advertising skins to CARE

Foundation, Zindagi Trust Zindagi Trust is a Pakistan base organization which is helping uneducated children who do not have access to education. It is headed by Shehzad Roy, one of leading pop singers in South Asia. The patron in chief is Lieutenant General Munir Hafiez. , Kaghan Memorial Trust and students at camps

for IDPs. Speaking on the occasion, JAQ JAQ Job Analysis Questionnaire Founder Trustee Sabira Qureshi

said: Resource mobilization Resource mobilizatio Swarovski Crystals n is a social theory related Swarovski Crystals to the study of social movements. It focuses Swarovski Crystals on the ability of the members of the movement to acquire resources and mobilize people in order to advance their goals. continues to be a major challenge in the