Swarovski Crystals Modify Your Messenger Bag:

Modify Your Messenger Bag

: Modify Your Messenger Bag I’ve wanted Swarovski Crystals a cool messenger bag for a while now but everything I saw was either too expensive or not to m Swarovski Crystals y taste. Inside: 1. Aluminum water bottle, 2. iPad 2 in Gumdrop case, 3. Rhodia sketchboo.Let’s start with the outside Swarovski Crystals , I found some cool leather belts with brass buckles at the same discount store and decided that the outside needed a more “saddle bag” look with a functional handle. These belts were lined with some sort of herring bone fabric that would work well for a replacement strap. The other leather on the front and handle had the lining removed. I stitched it all by hand with wax thread and a needle for mending sails. I made a handle by stitching it together and hot gluing a piece of rope inside to give it sh Swarovski Crystals ape and attached it as shown. I even added pieces on the strap hinge and side to cover as much of the original trim as possible. I also added push through metal fasteners to replace the magnetic ones under the flap that will definitely stay shut. “The Toolman” has been creative and worked with his hands all of his life.