Swarovski Crystals Module and Programme Catalogue

Module and Programme Catalogue

This module is not approved as an ElectiveThis module introduces students to current, new and emerging technologies that are commonly empl Swarovski Crystals oyed in the design disciplines.

SyllabusIn this module, students will be introduced to a range of technologies which find use in art and design. Each week a new genre of technology will be introduced, explained and current examples of usage demonstrated. Examples from all the disciplines taught within the school will be demonstrated (such as knitted bags made on a fusion depositio Swarovski Crystals n modeller and laser cut display panels for graphic communication). Each student will develop a proposal for their assignment which is submitte Swarovski Crystals d in Week 4 and will provide a point for formal feedback. The student led seminars will also provide a point for the lecture Swarovski Crystals r to assess student engagement with the module.