Swarovski Jewelry Mixed bag for Michelle Rhee in

Mixed bag for Michelle Rhee in Tuesday’s school board races

Michelle Rhee’s biggest foray yet into local politics in California yielded mixed results y Swarovski Jewelry esterday as voters in West Sacramento rejected the school board candidate backed by her education advocacy group while voters in Los Angeles handed a victory to one of t Swarovski Jewelry he three candidates StudentsFirst supported.

The group formed a campaign committee that supported Francisco Castillo for school board in Washington Unified, the West Sacramento school district. Castillo works as a spokesman for StudentsFirst. Voters in West Sac elected Sarah Kirby Gonzalez, who was backed by the local teachers union.

StudentsFirst Swarovski Jewelry also supported three candidates for the Los Angeles Unified school board: Mnica Garca, Kate Anderson and Antonio Sanchez. Garca won the race for District 2, Anderson lost the race for District 4 and Sanchez is headed to a May 21 run off against Monica Ratliff for District 6.

“Last night’s outcome underscores the importance of the ongoing effort to elevate teaching, empower parents and implement ref Swarovski Jewelry orms that are in the best interest of our students,” Rhee said in a statement.

In last month’s school board race in the Los Angeles city of Burbank, two StudentsFirst backed candidates Charlene Tabet and David Dobson earned spots on the April 9 run off ballot.