Swarovski Jewelry Mixed bag from CoalitionJa

Mixed bag from Coalition

Jacklyn Wagner

FIRST they were ranked last on their rural health credentials, now they are ranked first for farmers.

The Coalition was hit hard by the Nation Swarovski Jewelry al Rural Heal Swarovski Jewelry th Alliance on the weekend, as the group put the almost guaranteed next government of Australia behind the Greens and the ALP for improving health in rural Australia.

The NRHA counts the Country Women Association and Royal Flying Doctors Service among its members, groups considered sympathetic to the Nationals.

The Greens and ALP scored 100% on 35 rural health principles, the Coalition managed just 31%, failing to back demands for better telephone connections, economic growth and equal access to health.

NRHA chairwoman Le Swarovski Jewelry sl Swarovski Jewelry ey Barclay, who is based in Lismore, said she was surprised by its poor result, but would not recommend that voters back any particular party.

On Monday, the tables turned with the National Farmers Federation which ranked the current Opposition as the top choice for farmers.

In five categories including building a stronger workforce, Australian agriculture and improving profits for producers, the Coalition scored almost double the points of the ALP and the Greens.

NFF president Duncan Fraser said the Coalition was backing some of the federation priorities, putting it ahead in the political fray.

More funding for research, native title and a proposed agricultural white paper all gained traction with the NFF.