Swarovski Money Saving Tips and Ideas

Money Saving Tips and Ideas

How To Spend Less To Get MoreSpend less to Save MoreMost people understand that clipping coupons out of the Sunday newspaper and using those coupons when your favorite products are on sale, can save a family a lot of moolah in the here and now and over the long term too. Sparing an hour a month sitting down and clipping coupons and organizing those coupons to have them readily available when it’s time to shop, help consumers spend less to get more.

Making a few adjustments to spend less, save more and to get more for your money does not need to feel as an extra chore because the money saving suggestions I list here does not create extra work.

I’ll start with buying hand w Swarovski ipes. Unless they are on sale hand wipes are not cheap and I find many of them come in a size of a wash cloth. I don’t need a wash clothe but I do need a tiny little wip throughout my day. Buy one huge package then evenly split the package into ziplock snack bags. Plan ahead.

I do the same thing with brillo pads. Not anymore.

Many people need to shop weekly, bi weekly or monthly to keep the fridge and cabinets full. When shopping we pack our products in paper or plastic bags. Do you save the paper bags for lunches or the plastic bags to use for garbage instead of buying bags all the time to use for garbage? I do realize it’s necessary to buy large bags sometimes but for the daily light garbage that piles up each day, do you feel you need to buy plastic bags just for that? I use plastic when packaging food and products each week and I save those bags and use them for daily garbage. I spend less and that saves me money.

I shop at the deli counter at least once a month to buy cold cuts and salads. When I buy salads the salads get packaged in plastic containers. Do you through those plastic containers away or do you reuse them? I reuse them at least once. When I go to the beach or pack a lunch for the day, I’ll reuse the plastic containers I’ve accumulated and most of the time I don’t need to use my good Tupperware. I’ll use those plastic containers at least once and doing so puts money back into my pocket and I don’t have to worry bringing the plastic container home and cleaning it. When I grocery shop I save plastic containers of all different shapes and sizes. They always seem to come in handy.

I get take out at least once a week and one of the favorite take out foods I enjoy is Chinese food. Chinese take out food gets package in tins or plastic. Saving the tin and plastic containers are perfect to use for lunches, picnics or when you package food to bring something when going to a party. Another way to save is to always take the plastic utensils. You might not use them to eat that meal but take them and place them in your cabinet. Whenever I need utensils to bag a lunch, I have them stocked. Again, I save a lot of money in the long term not buying plastic utensils.

Making my coffee or tea for the drive to work or wherever I’m headed instead of stopping at 7 11 or Dunkin Donuts saves me about $15.00 each week. I make my coffee before I leave the house and use a reusable coffee mug. If you’re someone who finds it a pain remembering to bring in your coffee mug each day to clean it you can buy paper coffee cups at BJs or Costco in bulk. Once a year I buy coffee cups in bulk and it’s only about $10.00 for one hundred cups. $10.00 a year compared to about $15.00 a week saves you a lot of money and saves you a lot of time too. Instead of taking five to ten minutes to stop at your local coffee shop, you instead give yourself more time in the morning. I like leaving my house and driving directly to my destination.

When microwave popcorn hit the market I thought that was the best but unless you stock up when it’s on sale, popcorn too can be expensive especially if you are feeding a lot of mouths. Over the years I’ve learned that those bags have chemicals in them and that bothered me. One day while watching Dr. Oz he showed how to save money and how it is very good for dieters. Just below a 1/2 of a cup of corn popcorn, pour it into a lunch sized paper bag, fold the top of the bag, place in microwave and set cooking time at three minutes. It is amazing. One huge bag of kernels and a package of paper bags that will last three bags of kernels, saves a ton of money. I love it. No chemicals and I feel it is very close to air popped. I suggest regular corn kernels because I’ve tried gluten free popcorn but gluten free kernels do not pop as large.

If you go to fast food places a lot always take a handful of napkins and take a straw or two. I don’t steal but I do take napkins and a straw. Of course I’m going to use the napkins but if I buy a coffee or soft drink and don’t use the straw at that time, I place the straws in glass holder in my kitchen cabinet. When I need a straw I have one at my finger tips. Just because you don’t need the straw at the moment you might need that straw when packing a lunch or a bag to go to the beach. Think about it, why buy straws when you already have them in your cabinet.

Pump soaps for the bathroom are popular but can become expensive. When I buy a name brand soap in a pump the soap is usually very concentrated so when the bottle of soap becomes half full, I’ll add water to it and give it a shake. I’m non the wiser and so is everyone else. Nobody notices I do that to get more bang for my buck. I also reuse the pumps and buy liquid soap in bulk. I buy a huge refill container when it’s on sale and when the soap runs low, I fill up the pump bottle. Easy to store away and the chances of you running out of soap is rare. Saves a lot of money in the long term.

Keeping the fizzes away during humid summer months does not have to break the bank. Instead of spending $5.99 and up on hair products, use your daily condition as a leave in conditioner. It works great. Massage your daily conditioner into your hair when your hair is dry. You’d by the results.

Another awesome beauty tip is to use lip liner pencils as a long lasting lipstick. This works and the color stays on for hours. I trace my lips then fill the rest in and use my pinky to rub it in. I do this twice. My lips have color on them for hours. Lip liners are the best for lipstick. I’ll never waste money buying color stay lipstick again. I buy lip liners from the dollar store and they last for a long time too. Remember to always have a sharpener on hand.
If you use cotton balls regularly, when you buy any kind of medicine that is packaged in a bottle with cotton, save it to use the cotton. I think back how many times I through money directly into the garbage. Anytime a product comes packaged with cotton, I save that cotton. I always have cotton on hand.

I save rubber band Swarovski s and reuse them. I buy vegetables and most of the time the vegetables stay bundled by a rubber band that holds it together. I don’t throw away the rubber bands instead I save them to use them. I always have rubber bands on hand too.

Build up of static is annoying isn’t it? Instead of spending a lot of money on a can of Static Guard (unless you buy it on sale) use fabric softener dryer sheets. They work great and add a fresh scent to your clothing and that is something Static Guard does not do.

I’m sure everyone has their own ways of saving money. I hope my few suggestions help you spend less to save more.

How I Cut Daily Living Costs Down By $930.68 A Year.

My kids know the rule of the supermarket it has to be on sale with a coupon! I save a lot of money by shopping in the morning and crusing down the meat aisle. Meat and chicken that has to sell by twomore days is marked down 50%. I can buy a five oound chicken for two dollars and feed my family a meal, and then make soup of the carcass.

I will never understand why people pay for coffe outside the house on a dialy basis. I love a good Dunkin’ Donuts cup with a 99 cent coupon, but not at any other time!

When my husband and I were in college, we would collect cans and use the money we got by cashing it n for a Swarovski pizza!

Thanks for sharing your money saving tips. Yes, shopping in the early morning does help to save a lot of money. I grill vegetables a lot and make veggie soups. The day I’m going to cook to stock up my refrigerator, I get to the store and go right to the veg isle where the discount veggies are. I get four or five packages of zucchini, squash, tomatoes for about $2.00. It’s the veggies that need to sell today and be used today. Great way to get a lot for your money.