Swarovski Monkey Birthday Cake Design

Monkey Birthday Cake Design

Place the cake on a clean work surface. Using the bread knife, trim a 1 inch triangle shaped notch from opposite sides of the cake (see template). Discard scraps. Place the trimmed cake onto a serving platter.

Cut inch from one side of each doughnut.

Swarovski Press the trimmed edges of the doughnuts onto the cake for Swarovski the monkey’s ears. Press the M or the jell Swarovski y beans into the center of the cake to make the monkey’s nostrils.

Snip a very small corner from each bag of frosting. Pipe a r Swarovski ed frosting line onto the pink part of the cake for the monkey’s smile.

Pipe 2 white circles onto the top of the cake for the monkey’s eyes and press the peppermint candies into them. Add a dab of white frosting for the sparkle in each eye, as pictured.

Snip the chocolate Twizzler into thin 2 inch strands with kitchen shears or clean scissors and insert them into the top of the cake for the monkey’s hair.