Swarovski Monkey Joes Events Information

Monkey Joes Events Information

My son has non verbal autism( speaks with an IPad). Walking in there I saw signs that parents could not go inside the inflatables; I tried to respect the sign but when my son got lost, i left all my personal stuff outside and got inside the bouncy house to redirect him. What a surprise when stuff member told me to get out because that was her job. I explained that my son was special needs and sometimes i need to be by his side. The answer was “rules are rules this is my job and if he is having trouble then he can’t go in there”.

Sorry, but general rules can be adapted depending of the situation : some kids with autism can’t be touch. Are you going to grab them by force because that is your job?

After this incident I went to the front desk and talk to them about my son’s allergies and that i had his nuts free, gluten free, dairy free vegan food with me. Another bad surprise when the manager said that he had to eat it in a corner and wash his hands because his food could cause allergies to others. Discrimination???????

What a mess!!! This place is the worst place I have ever had my son’s Birthday party at! EVER!!! I decided to book his 4th Birthday party at Monkey Joe’s in Danvers, Massachusetts and it was such a mistake. The place was over crowded, under staffed and they breached their contact with their party amenities. The party started with me putting an initial down payment on the party of $150. This was to reserve the party room. Then, at the end of the party I would pay the additional $150 and the cost of Pizza ($15 per box, sliced into 7 pieces, that they don’t even cook in the facility and have delivered by a service down the street. If supervised play is considered 500 kids running around chaotically, without safety wrist bands for parents . then they have achieved their goal. I had multip Swarovski le Swarovski kids with injuries. including 2 with bloody noses and a another with a black eye. NOT Happy!!!

Then . when it was time to go into the party room, a “waitress”, which I use loosely, carried over the 16 specialty goodie bags (value around $120) and dropped them on the floor. Accidents happen, I understand . but then she proceeded to shovel what was in the goodie bags into a box as if they were trash. while the 500 kids in the place trampled over the candy and toys for the kids .

NEXT! The Pizza . ice cold . ordered outside . the price was even more of a scam!! $15 per pizza for 7 slices . and they microwave it since they order it at the start of the day, roughly 10am!

The cake . I had $150 specialty cake made at an elusive bakery for my little ones big bash . don’t you know by the time it got to me, the box was crushed and the sides smushed in. fun huh??? And they said that there was nothing wrong with the cake . of course, the cake being crushed was no big deal to them. it wasn’t their kids birthday party!

Finally . after all the mishap, I asked to speak to a manager . “sorry lady . we don’t have one on duty!” . what type pf facility that ensures the safety of children doesn’t have a manager on duty??? So finally, I told the girl (and she was maybe 17 or 18 years old) that I would pay the bill of $170 for the pizza, Swarovski because we ordered it (in cash) but was refusing to pay the remaining balance for the party since they did not keep up their end of the party amenities (forget the ruined cake, goodie bags and hurt children . ) She said no problem.

And Monkey Joe, he came in the room, for 2 minutes, before he had to leave because he was suppose to move to another party room. Since my son was in the bathroom when he came in (they never informed me of the time) he missed out on meeting Monkey Joe. but the waitress said it was okay since he would be walking around later .

This place is dangerous, unclean and a rip off!!! And when you have a question or problem, a 17 year old will gladly greet you with “it’s not my problem”

I am also in the works with town hall and inspectional services to look into the facility. This place should be shut down!!!

Unlike every single other inflatable place, they do not let adults on the often challenging and opaque equipment. I got yelled at immediately for just sitting on th Swarovski e ramp and helping my child up. Later on, I lost him for a good 10 minutes on a slide/maze thing and when 2 little girls found him he was trapped and crying. It’s simply not safe. The fact that under 3 is $5 does not make up for this. I’d gladly pay more to be able to help my child and keep him safe. If you’re thinking of a birthday party here, consider a place that would also let the adults have fun too.