Swarovski Montreal bed bug rates remain

Montreal bed bug rates remain stable but more can be done

According to an Omnibus survey conducted on behalf of Montreal public health agency, the Direction de sant publique de l de la sant et des services sociaux de Montral, 2.2 per cent of households in Montreal had bedbug problems in 2012, about the same percentage as in 2011 (2.8 per cent) and 2010 (2.7 per cent).

always the landlord responsibility to do fumigation. to what we had feared, the number of Montreal households with bed bug problems did not increase over the past three years but remained stabl Swarovski e, said Dr. Drouin, the head of Urban Environment and Health, in a statement.

bed bugs remain a problem and we still plan to continue our efforts to evaluate the health impact of bed bugs and determine the best interventions to stop these pests from spreading. little bed bugs, they move around. They don have addresses. Emond from the Quebec Tenants Association said Tuesday that when the insects are discovered, it not enough to treat the apartment unit where they were Swarovski found.

of the building has to be exterminated, not only one apartment, she said. little bed bugs, they move around. Swarovski They don have addresses. also noted who should foot the bill. always the landlord responsibility to d Swarovski o fumigation. of the city most important achievements was to make it mandatory for pest control managers to report their interventions, and to create a centralized database to help document the intensity, geographic distribution and evolution of bed bug infestation in residential buildings in Montreal, Benoit Dorais, the vice chairman of the Montreal Executive Committee, said in a statement.