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So Swarovski Outlet I’ve been eating these yummy sprouted 7 grain rolls from Trader Joes lately. Well I just opened up the bag this morning to find every roll all green and white with mold The sell by date is tomorrow! It really stinks because I had to throw them out. I’m happy I’ve found a bread that is so low carb but now I’m scared to buy them again because I can’t afford to throw food out (I’m really broke). Any ideas on why they might’ve gotten moldy? I kept them wrap Swarovski Outlet ped up pretty well too.

yeah, i am pretty sure (someone please correct me if i am wrong) that mold on bread is the most dangerous. However, i do think you can cut it off if its just a tiny bit.

Also, if the sell by date was tomorrow, and you arent afraid t Swarovski Outlet o do this: try taking it back to trader joe’s. Tell them you are a loyal customer, love the bread, but cant afford to keep buying it if thats whats gonna happen!!! They will probably give you something for free

also, where do you keep your bread? Swarovski Outlet Some speciality bread is better refrigerated. Thaw out a few hours before eating in the baggies so they won’t get crusty . Don’t store your bread near windows, microwave, toaster, coffee maker, or the fridge. Makes it go bad real fast.

alot of times when my bread is out on the countertop and I get some out and it has that wierd ‘beer’ smell like its gonna be molds REAL soon, I either toast it and just cut off the mold before toasting if its just a few splotches or so on the bottom or something like that sounds nasty but its alright. I have to use what I got too with the lack of $ I totally understand but don’t start buying that white crap its horribley non nutritive.

Moulds, every where. SO if you are seeing a mould that means there are many surrounding it which cant be seen with your naked eye.

If you have a sell by date tomorrow and if the pack is still unopen or unsed, u can return it any time, I know this as I used to work for 7’11 stores in AUS. we used to return them to the supplier for credit, thats easy.

If the pack if open and part of it is used, it depends on the sales person or the manager.

You can reduce the number of moulds in your house by following some of the tips I know (read some where):

Clean your A/C filter regularly or change it depending on ur model

Look for damp places at corners and work it out.

Dont leave any thing thats wet for too long, including a wet cloth, try to get it dried after you use it.

Dont wait to change your bin liner untill its full. REally wierd,

uh yeah I think it was the post buzz kill from some alcohol !

Which is why I don’t like drinking very much, the crap spikes my blood sugar so much I would probably sprinkle sugar on dirt and eat it when I got the despo munchies!