Swarovski Outlet Molina takes on de LeState

Molina takes on de Le

State Sen. Kevin de Le D Los Angeles, will soon become the new president pro tem, making him one of the most powerful officials in California.

But even as he ascends the heights of power, de Le is embroiled in a local political w Swarovski Outlet ar with Supervisor Gloria Molina that is threatening to jeopardize the county relations with the state.

It all started with an op ed Molina wrote on Jan. 23 for the Daily News, calling on state legislators to back the measure by Sen. Alex Padilla, D Van Nuys, that banned single use plastic bags at markets.

While she did not name any specific legislator, de Le had been one of those opposed to the measure, and he took Molina op ed as a personal attack.

She said the topic was one about which she had been passionate for years and that she led the effort to ban single use plastic bags in the county.

engaging in rout Swarovski Outlet ine political discourse by commenting on recorded public votes concerning this issue, I was disheartened that State Senator Kevin de Le office vindictively told our lobbyist that the County of Los Angeles was non grata, Molina said.

is a direct threat to the nearly 10 million residents of Los Angeles County. People have consistently rejected this kind of politics on a national level, most recently in New Jersey. A potential leader of the Senate should be more concerned about the residents of Los Angeles and runnin Swarovski Outlet g the State instead of engaging in personal vendettas. spokeswoman for de Le denied he or his office would engage in such an action. recognize we represent all the people of Los Angeles, and that is our priority, spokeswoman Karin Caves said.

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DWP pick history

Mayor Eric Garcetti choice of Marcie Edwards as the next general manager of the Department of Water and Power brings in someone with a long history with the utility as well as someone unafraid of going toe to toe with Brian D the business manager of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 18.

Edwards began working for the DWP when she was 19, rising through the ranks until she was named assistant general manager for the marketing and customer service business units.

It was in that post the Edward developed the strategy to keep the lights on and water flowing during the nine day 1993 strike by the Local 18, led by D plans new fight

The California Republican Party has a slick new slogan Renew, Reclaim. Unfortunately, what it really needs is a good statewide candidate.

No Republican has been elected to statewide office since 2006, and Democrats hold a veto proof supermajority in the state legislature.

In California congressional delegation, Democrats hold a 38 15 edge, while GOP voter registration is now at 29 percent compared with 44 percent for Democrats.

The party is bringing big guns to its March convention, with Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus and Rep. Pete Sessions of Texas on hand to try and boost the local activists.

CRP Chairman Jim Brulte said the two have helped encourage Republican Party efforts in other states and will be helpful rebuilding our state party from the ground up. far, the top two Republican candidates for governor are Assemblyman Tim Donnelly of San Diego and former Treasury official Neel Kashkari.

Their candidacy comes as a recent statewide poll gave Brown the highest approval rating he has received since his election.