Swarovski Outlet Money Bag Falls Out Of Armored

Money Bag Falls Out Of Armored Truck

RALEIGH It’s everyone’s fantasy, but it became reality on Friday. A bag of money flew out the doors of a Brinks truck on Wade Avenue, causing a couple of fender benders.

Brinks’ truck employees, with the help of DMV off Swarovski Outlet icers, were picking up the leftovers Friday afternoon. Moments earlier, there was a literal windfall of cash sw Swarovski Outle Swarovski Outlet t irling over the windshields of surprised drivers.

“I couldn’t tell what was going on in the road. I was just looking and when I looke Swarovski Outlet d up, the vehicle in front of me stopped. So I ran up into the back of it,” says driver Lavoris Joyner.

Garner charged Joyner with failure to reduce speed. While three cars lay wrecked on one side of the road, the Brinks truck rolled away unscathed with the money that could be found back in its armored hold.

Officials from Brinks say they do not know how much money was still missing. Brinks is a security service company that transports cash primarily for banks and other financial institutions.