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Money Bags Review

Description of the GameMoney Bags is a board game designed to teach children about the value of and how to Swarovski Outlet count money. It comes with a cardboard game board in the shape of a dollar sign, one die, 100 plastic coins, 10 play dollar bills and four game markers. It is a game appropriate for children ages seven and up and can be played by two to four players.

Players are attempting to make the most money by the end of the game. Each player places their marker at the start spot on the board. They roll the dice to progress and read the text written on the space on which they land. Each of these spaces has a “chore” that is appropriate for children, such as selling lemonade or vacuuming. The money written on the spot is placed into the game pot.

Players then spin the spinner to find which coins they can or cannot take from the pot. For example, if they earned 30 cents as a nickel and quarter and they rolled “no quarters” they could only take the nickel to earn five cents. Spots labelled “Bank Exchange” lets players convert excessive smaller coins into a smaller amount of larger coins. Players play until they reach the end of the board. The player with the most money wins.

What Kids Learn About MoneyKids learn the importance of having a job and making money. They slowly make money as they play the game. They also learn how to count, combine and break down money. The luck based element helps teach them about the fleeting n Swarovski Outlet atu Swarovski Outlet re of money and how it can seem to disappear at a moment’s notice.

Moneywise Kids Pros and ConsPros: Money Bags is a simple to learn game that children can pick up and play in a matter of moments. The game board is fairly short as well, meaning players can play multiple games fairly quickly without getting bored. This gives players a chance to win if they had been struggling before. A smaller number of available players also helps speed up game play.

Cons: Money Bags isn’t a game that offers a lot of variety. Unlike games with play cards, this game has a very fixed number of spaces on the board. This means that players are going to land on the same spots over and over. While the spinner helps to add an element of randomness to the game, the game may grow boring to older children quickly. And as with any heavily luck based game, children may get frustrated as they struggle against a series of bad rolls or spins. However, this is a family favorite!

Money Bags HighlightsThe most interesting aspect about this game is that it actually doesn’t emphasize moving through the board as fast as possible. The game doesn’t end until every player reaches the end of the board. As a result, players will want lower rolls so that they can land on more spaces.

A highlight of Money Bags is the integration of change. Many educational money based games and even non educational board games neglect to integrate coins i Swarovski Outlet nto the game. Learning about coins is one of the harder elements of money education so it is wise to integrate coins into this game in this way, and a unique feature that Money Bags has over many other family board games.