Swarovski Outlet Money bags rule the roostT

Money bags rule the roost

The Election Commission has done the right thing by recommending that the Rajya Sabha election in Jharkhand be countermanded. The seizure of Rs 2.25 crore in cash from a car belonging to the relative of one of the candidates was the last straw in an election that was already under the scanner due to the presence of a number of ‘money bag’ candidates standing as independents.

This hardly comes as a surprise as horse trading and corruption have been endemic to Swarovski Outlet politics in the state. The seeds of this were sown even before the state came into existence, with the infamous JMM bribery case. What truly represented the pinnacle of political corruption was the phenomenon called Madhu Koda an indepe Swarovski Outlet ndent who became chief minis Swarovski Outlet ter and garnered assets w Swarovski Outlet orth thousands of crores during his short years in power.