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Swarovski Montreal grip travelers’ heart

Montreal grip travelers’ hearts for Valentine’s Day

In a survey akin to yearbook superlatives, San Francisco took the title of most ‘charming’ destination, while Toronto got the pity vote and was deemed the city that needs the most love.

In Canada, that same title went to Montreal for serving as a pocket of European life in North America, in addition to its cuisine, distinctive culture and accent.

Paris was also top of mind for Canadian travelers as the City of Light was voted the city that was t Swarovski o break up with. it’s the blinding romantic nature of this city that makes you hold on, but whatever it is, the City of Light kept its grip on our hearts and was the first choice for Canadians. also placed second to Montreal in the ‘charm’ category.

If Las Vegas was cited by both Americans and Canadians as the date you wouldn’t want to introduce to your parents, quieter, more serious and Swarovski sober destinations like San Diego, Denver and Seattle were chosen as the cities in w Swarovski hich Americans would most want to settle down in death do them part. Canadian respondents, meanwhile, that city was Vancouver for its back lifestyle and mild climate. The west Swarovski coast city was followed by Toronto and Paris.

And finally, Canadian respondents felt particularly bad for Toronto, which continues to make international headlines for its embattled, crack smoking mayor and has also been battered with relentless ice storms this winter. The runner up in this category was Calgary.