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Monuments of Nigeria

Visitors to Nigeria will encounter the country’s large population, diverse cultures and expansive natural resources. While a trip to Nigeria is not currently recommended for most Americans, a virtual vacation can be a great option to learn more about Nigeria’s history, people and landscape. According to the State Department, “Nigeria is a developing country in western Africa that has experienced periods of political instability. Swarovski It has the largest population on the continent, estimated at 147 million p Swarovski eople, and its infrastructure is not fully functional or well maintained.”

Many of the tourism sites around Nigeria are under Swarovski developed and offer few amenities, but for visitors searching for vast opportunities to experience land and culture uncluttered by modern conveniences, then pack your bags for the adventure of a lifetime in the “Giant of Africa.”

Owu Falls (Owa Kajola) is the steepest waterfall in all of West Africa and falls nearly 330 vertical feet. Owu Falls is located in the Kwara state and is surrounded by lush rain forests. According to Habiba Jiwo in Teenage Lifestyle, “Owu Falls is indeed the remedy for those who are afraid, lonely, unhappy, a place where they can be quiet, alone with the heavens, nature and God.”

The Owu Falls is often considered to be at its most spectacular during the rainy season, typically between April and June.

The grave of Bilikisu Sungbo and the surrounding Eredo earthwork are located near Lagos. The Eredo, which was constructed more than a thousand years ago, is a trench that stretches more than 100 miles and is as much as 70 feet deep in places. Some locals theorize that it is the sacred grave of the Queen of Sheba, and thousands of people come here to pray each year.

The Eredo is threatened by deforestation and erosion but may offer historians a link to early African civilizations.

Yankari National Park is located near the Gagi River and is approximately an hour and a half of driving distance southeast of Bauchi Town.

Yankari was established in 1956 and remains open year round. The park encompasses Swarovski more than 1,200 square miles of savanna woodland and is home to elephants, buffalo, roan antelope, hippopotamus, crocodiles, baboons, oribi and monkeys.

The best time of year to visit the park is the winter dry season (November May) since animals tend to be easily spotted near the river. Yankari is only one of the many national parks located around Nigeria.