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Swarovski Monument to soldiers who died

Monument to soldiers who died liberating Ukraine from Nazis toppled PHOTOS

Mister Finland, trace please your government chameleonia through the years from 1900 till now. I , personaly cannot follow your stories in that. I find it extremely naive that your governent bets on such cards like corporatism in their wish to keep up appearances. Ever sinse the fall of the regime in former USSR has fallen there has been mumbling on this subject of the Russian Finno war feeding public imagination and aspirations. I think it is time to stop this nonsense. It is leading us all into a trap. This is shamefull.

little ninjai 25.02.2014 10:43

For the people that r “angry for the genocide in Ukraine”. Nothing like this has happened though in Ukraine under the Soviets. The land becoming state property has nothing to do with holodomor. This is the most ignorant myth ever existed. But now millions r forced to beleive it.

Mike Nice 25.02.2014 06:28 fact: communism is the 1 purveyor of all the worlds most heinous crimes against humanity in recent history.

general, I agree with destroying Lenin’s monuments, it was a guy who deliberately ordered killings. In general, communism insn’t ok, as it’s after while corrupted to some point, and Marx was quite ill person when we see his personal life.

But, paradox is, that I lived in “communist ; country (Czechoslovakia), and I was happier that time. In some aspects it had advantages against corporatism.

So I don’s see things that black and white.

Th at is how war works, but USSR did not invade Germany ether France. No one forget others. WW2 is west’s conspiracy against USSR/Russia same as nowYou are correct, but have conveniently forgotten the Molotov Ribbentrop pact where your hero J. Stalin signed a friendship treaty with A. Hitler. Worked great dividing up Poland, the Baltics, Finland,etc, until Hitler double crossed him. Interesting that Time magazine referred to the pact as the “Communazi Pact”. I’m sure that would go over well in downtown Moscow!

Annette Mor: Yes. the Russians saved Jews from Nazi persecution. But you omit history. Ukraine had always been a hellhole for Jews. Bandera was just the lastest villain in a long history of Ukrainian (and Russian) anti Semitism. True, after WWII there were no large scale massacres of Jews but Jews still suffered widespread violence and discrimination.

But more to the point this wasn’t anything noble as RT’s use of the term “liberate” and you would like to imply. No Ukrainian saw Stalin as liberator. He had already murderd 13 million Ukrainians (Winter 1932 33) He wanted his empire back, not to be nice to anybody.

JackW 24.02.2014 21:49 umm Spare me the post Soviet propaganda RT. Those soldiers didn’t die liberating anything. Ukraine wasn’t liberated lol. It was reconquered by the Communists. All the Ukranians got in 1943 when Stalin’s armies drove the Nazis out was an exchange of occupiers, a reinstitution of their original oppressors, the communists.

Tell this to these tens of thousands of Jews burned by Bandera. ah. They are dead.

Agnes Maria, it is easy for you to rant in your prosperous and orderly EU Poland whose standard of living and morals are a fa Swarovski irytale to Ukrainians! Don’t you understand what a huge gap people see between Ukraine and Poland? And the rampant corruption in Ukraine is it Western European in origin? Don’t you see the GDP of Ukraine is about half of that of the worst EU paupers, the corrupt Romania and Bulgaria? And you talk about “rot”. Please!

The anti Yanukovych popular movement was peaceful until the prez made it violent.

When the day that we all cooperate arrives, then we will know international stability. Until then, the situation will go nowhere fast. It is time to drop the niceties and the ceremonials, the ridiculous hording and unfriendly one upmanship, and to replace them with real power and discipline, with education, seriousness, and with the hard work and the strength that it takes to actively take responsibility for the building and maintaining of a properly functioning and civilised international system.
As a Native of Lwow (Lviv/Lvov when it was Polish), I say, as an example: Ukraine, you hated Poland (now ‘just part of the messed up EU’) so much. Now what? Now you want a piece of the rotting EU? I side with Russia and advise you to do the same. What sickness it is to blame your internal problems on Russia! Nations of the EU, such as Poland, do the same via distorted media. Illogical to the utmost. That anyone accepts this disgusting mutinous takeover of Ukraine is a fact beyond measure of madness and stupidity. It has happened for thousands of years, yet is not right. You glorify violenc Swarovski e and uncivilised upheaval.

This is what a thoroughly corrupt state leads to: instability, unpredictability, disloyalty, rebellion and hatred. There’s a saying “A fish starts rotting at its head”. Therefore, RT and Russia could be less sorry for toppled statues of Soviet kitsch or the status of the Russian language and be more concerned about the root of the evil which plagues Russia as well. Oh, and it should be borne in mind that a statue of a Soviet soldier is not perceived as a statue in horour of WWII liberators or heros, but of pre WWII occupants whether you like it or not. Zhukov is probably rolling in his grave. The EU has already ruined the UK so don’t be silly Ukraine!Peop le like Zhukov born once or twice every 1000 years of human history. Look what western media doing about Zhukov. They take every Soviet hero of WW2 and turn to criminal.

they are doing the same thing with every communist or socialist hero. they are spreading anthagonism between Slavenic people and brothers through traitors.

why did the Western Powers even bother to ask for Stalin’s help in defeating the Third Reich? Seriosly, though, being so morally superior to the rest of the world Swarovski , the Westerners should have fought and finished off Hitler all by themselves.

tually, it was Stalin begging the westerners to open up another front, send more supplies, etc. Why would Churchill be wining and dining Stalin IN MOSCOW?! The west thought we HAD dealt with Germany while Russia cowered behind their revolution, only to have Stalin get in bed with Hitler decades later. Nice try.

These are people mainly from Eastern Europe not Soviets. Most of them were with Nazis in the begining